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March 9, 2010

Pant's for Van!

Van got new pants. I bought myself a pair of pants from the thrift store for $3. I LOVED the pattern and was going to make them smaller in the legs (they were VERY wide legged pants), but that didn't work out. So I decided to try and turn them into a skirt for myself. Well that didn't work either (that and the fact that I had lost weight and they wouldn't of fit anyways). So they got put aside until I could find something to do with them.

Than as I was reading through my daily blog roll, I found out that two of my favorite blogs were hosting a boys month!! What fun! I haven't sewed anything for Van since he was a baby (and all he got was a pair of shorts). Well Dana over at Made came up with these really cute pants with flat front pockets and I KNEW exactly what fabric I wanted to use to make Van some of these pants!!

So without further ado...Van in his new pants!

Oh and just because he's cute!!

And here he is Sunday Morning ready for church! We got TONS of compliments on these pants! He's sitting so big!

By the way do you know how hard it is to take pictures of pants on a little boy who can't stand yet! :)

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