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March 26, 2010

Blah Sweater to Fab Sweater!! My FIRST sewing tutorial!!

I found this brown (dark chocolate brown) sweater in a bag of clothes that someone left at our church (free for the taking). It’s SOOOO very soft (has cashmere and angora in it). However it was a bit big and a bit boring (I apologize to anyone who owned this at one point as I don’t know who you are)! ;)

So here is the sweater before hand:

Materials needed:
Old Sweater (any kind will do, I liked this one b/c the edges didn’t fray which means I didn’t have to fix them)!
Thread (I used white b/c that’s all I had)
Elastic Hair Tie
Sewing Machine

Step 1:
Try the sweater on and decide on the length you would like the sleeves. I like longer sleeves and since it’s a warmer sweater decided it would be great for fall and spring (and cooler weather). So I went with a longer sleeve.

Step 2:
Cut off the cuffs (but save them you will use them later)!

Step 3:
Do the same to the other sleeve (no picture sorry).

Step 4:
Because mine had a collar I cut that off also.

Step 5:
Next you need to cut a line down the center of your sweater (from collar to waist seam). I don’t have a picture of this but think you could manage it! ;)

Now it’s time to get out the sewing machine!

Step 6:
Take the sweater and make sure you have it right side out. Take the cuff (you know the one you cut off early and put aside). Make sure you have that right side out also. Pin the cuff to the sleeve of the shirt making sure that when you fold it over (how you want it to look on your arm once finished) that the seams are in the inside. Do the same to the other side.

Step 7:
Next figure out where you would like to put the button at. I put mine down a little lower than the collar. Sew your elastic hair tie onto your sweater.

Step 8: Sewing on the button (pretty self-explanatory)

That’s it...you’re finished!!!

The nice thing about this sweater was that the edges didn't fray so I have all raw edges. If you have a sweater that will fray make sure you either serge it (I don't own a serger...yet), if you don't own a serger you can use a zig zag stitch.

Have fun!!

Did you try this tutorial?? Feel free to email me your pictures at Kcsramblings@hotmail.com!


Ruth said...

Cute refashion! I like your new sweater. : )

Casey said...

Thank you!


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